About the Coaches


My name is Coach Shaw and I was an NCAA Division 1 student-athlete, at the University of Colorado.  I have been coaching competitive Track athletes for 3+ years and have helped many athletes, of all sports, with speed and strength training.  Although I have a full-time profession in law enforcement, my passion is working with the youth and watching them grow as athletes and leaders within their community.  I look to build a relationship with my athletes and reinforce the connection between integrity and the value of sports.

Sports may be the foundation for my athletes, but it will not be what defines them.  These sessions will mold them to attack life’s challenges the same way they will attack workouts.

My focus is on High school athletes that are looking to compete at the collegiate level.  I grew up realizing that I had a lot of talent, but I was missing a lot of key information, maturity, and direction that could have helped me get recruited.  I help make sure that my athletes are staying focused and teach them how to gain the attention of coaches at the next level.  I try to individualize all workouts to keep my athletes healthy and ready to compete.  I also work on the ultra competitor mindset with athletes so they understand how much work (and grind) is required to gain what you want.  Again, I am looking to help my athletes in a lot of different elements of athletics.

I am obsessed with watching my athletes succeed with whatever endeavors they are pursuing.  Therefore, I like to keep my numbers of athletes small so that I can continue to give my attention to all of them.  Thanks for reading, and if this sounds like something of interest then I hope you join the family.”


IMG_1303 (1)

University of Colorado Honors:

  • 5 varsity letters earned
  • Pac 12 honors in track and field in the 60m, 200m, 4x100m, and 4x400m
  • 6th fastest 60m runner in school history (6.74)
  • 30th fastest runner in NCAA 200m western region finals (21.01)
  • CU Male lifter of the year 2015
  • (Selected)Leadership academy 2013-2015

Chatfield Senior High Honors:

  • All-State track and field 2009
  • 1st team All-Conference football 2009
  • Conference Champion 100, 200, 4x100m, and 4x200m 2008
  • 2nd team All-Conference football 2008

Coaching Credit

  • 14 Junior Olympic State Finalists
  • 11 Junior Olympic Regional Qualifiers
  • 4 Junior Olympic National Qualifiers
  • 2 CHSAA Conference Finalists
  • 1 CHSAA State Finalists
  • 1 CIF Qualifier


  • Safe Sport Certified
  • Fundamentals of Coaching Certified NFHS
  • Concussion Certified NFHS
  • Sudden Cardiac Arrest Certified
  • USATF Certified coach
  • First Aid/ CPR/ AED Certified
  • Blood pathogen Certified

Please read about the amazing staff at CETC…coming soon

Coach John- Sprints/Assistant/Photographer


Coach Wirth- Hurdles/Sprints/Jumps


6 thoughts on “About the Coaches

  1. My daughter is currently in the 7th grade and interested in pursuing track and field in high school, but would like to start training for it now. Is this something you could help with? If not, what programs do you recommend. We are located in Littleton.


    1. Would it work for you if my daughter joined in on the workout Saturday before signing up for your summer season? She just finished her freshman year in high school and is running sprints mostly the 200 and 400. Thanks, Sara


  2. Hello, My daughter is a Freshman in High school. She is currently doing XC and will also participate in Track in April. I am looking for an off season track speed camp during the off season. I was wondering if she could try one of your speed training sessions? Thanks


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