Frequently Asked Questions

Where are practices held?

-Generally at Heritage High School unless we move to indoor facilities.

What time?

-Times vary, but generally at 5:30pm Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. This depends on our coaches schedules. We usually release these a month before season starts

When does Indoor Season start?

-December 27th

When does Outdoor Season start?

-May 17th

Are there tryouts?

-Our program has had tryouts in the past, but due to youth athletes having an unpredictable amount of growth, we decided this no longer made sense to do. Instead, Colorado Elite Track Club is looking for athletes that are looking for self growth and have an understanding that they will be racing against the fastest kids in the state, so winning might not always happen, but we can ensure that our athletes will continue to get faster/stronger with our program if they give a strong commitment.