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Coach Shaw has worked in Youth Development in the weight room for +4 years and knows that safest methods for creating great stability, power, speed, and balance at an early age.  Check out rates and then send an e-mail to Coach Shaw at shaw.gifford@colorado.eduIMG_9358

Congrats to State Qualifier/ School Record Holder, Chloe!

Chloe was one of my first athletes I coached and I have probably spent the most time fine-tuning this one in the weight room.  She was an absolute workhorse in the weight room (Max squat of 205lbs as a Freshman).  She set some goals of breaking the school record and running sub 26 in the 200m.  She did both those running a 25.9 (26.02 wind adjusted) in the 200m and disseminating the school record, and then going above and beyond the goals that were set by making state, as sophomore!  CONGRATS CHLOE!

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